Sunday, October 31, 2010


3 week old andre.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

vintage baby shower.

after my friend dina helped me out with a location
for the alice in wonderland shoot,
i knew that i needed to help her out with
something, too.

when she mentioned that her best friend
was having her first baby and she'd be
hosting a shower for her,
i happily volunteered my services.
i am so glad i had an excuse to be there.

dina did such a great job with the decor!!
dina and i share the same vintage taste,
so the shower decor was right up my alley!

lyndsay, good luck to you and your hubby
on the soon-to-be baby girl!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

first field trip.

first field trip of the year.

the mamarazzi.

happy little pumpkin pickers.

Monday, October 18, 2010


it's finally here.
hello, fall.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

missouri weekend sneak peek

well, we made it home from missouri,
safe and sound.
the photo weekend went great.
a little tiring,
but great. :)

thank you, thank you, thank you

to all of the families that let me capture
a little piece of you.

more importantly,
your cd's are in the MAIL!! :)

here are some of the shots from the weekend, 
to tide you over til your cd's get there.  

missouri western state university soon-to-be grad:

he will be done this december.
i am so glad that i started the weekend off with
what a nice guy!
and he knew exactly what he wanted.
he didn't require too much direction,
which is great cause i am terrible at giving it.
his dad came along, as well, whom had recently
spent some time in the
hospital with some heart issues.
 i was happy to make him take
a photo with andrew. :)

must not have been that traumatizing,
 'cause i've already been asked to come back
and take his sister's high school senior photos!


thanks, crippen family!!
can't wait to see you guys next year!

3 yr old representative from: the taylor family.

what a doll!   the taylor's had been nominated and had won the drawing for the free photo session.   since the whole family couldn't be there, their youngest, sayla, was the main feature.   not knowing why lisa had nominated their family, i didn't learn about their circumstances til after i arrived.  their oldest son(20 yrs old) was jumped downtown and severely beaten.  he's currently in joplin, working through his 2nd round of brain rehab.  i know that this family would appreciate the extra prayers for his recovery and their continued strength!!  it was such a blessing to be able to talk with mom, heather, about their family, and watch her interact with her daughter.   AND i also found out that she was karsten's (my nephew) computer teacher at st. joe christian school!  :)

a big thanks to the taylor family for letting a stranger take photos for you!!

the smith's:

i met pete and lisa smith when i was in college.  they were dorm parents at the time for the guys dorm.  they even had a little guy of their own, 3 yr old noah.  pete was the assistant soccer coach, as well as my psychology teacher.  when lisa asked if i'd do photos, i told her only if pete changed my psychology grade from 10 years ago. :)

no longer working for mcc, pete is the associate pastor at my brother-in-law's church.  it's always nice to visit our family in missouri and be welcomed at their church by familiar faces!

i have to comment about the first photo--
lisa wanted to have everyone's heads in a circle.  great idea.  in theory.  it was 10:30 am and the sun was getting the brightness in the photo isn't due to editing. :)
i love how their son is lying on the ground, like the sun has killed him, while the others squint and cover their eyes with their hands. haha.

the duncan's:

first i want to say, i have NO idea why blogger lets some of my paragraphs be centered,
while others aren't.
very annoying.
ok, the duncan's.

the first shot is of 'the duncan 5',
not to be confused with 'the jackson 5'.
they were a lively bunch,
as kids of all ages usually are.
it was a miracle getting this shot. :)
i was so afraid i didn't get one...
so ecstatic that i did!!

these are the other duncan's.
there was a whole clan of them.

terri and her family go to church w
my family up there and have an adorable
little red-headed girl, claudia.
her dimples will make a grown man
say, "aww."
seriously cute.
i love the age appropriate playing of ring around the rosie.
perfect family togetherness and completely
their own idea.

all of the duncan grands.  their grandma wanted all of their feet together in a shot.  some cooperated, some didn't.
however, i'm pretty sure this is my favorite photo of the day.

ah, and last, but not least, the youngest of the duncan clan: xavier.
this really doesn't need to be narrated.  say it together now-- "awww".