Thursday, December 30, 2010

another whyte house.

i did a short (maybe 10 minutes--it was cold!! )
shoot for my brother-in-law's family while
they were home for Christmas this week.

we weren't able to do photos over thanksgiving, so we took new year's shots. :)

i don't want to give them all away til after
she's sent out her cards,
but i'll share this one.

ja was viewing them on his laptop yesterday
while i was sitting next to him. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

last day of school. in 2010, that is.

yesterday was emily's last day of school this year,
so justin, aiden and i met up with our friends,
dina and porter, for some starbucks.

this is porter.
he's my favorite little man ever.
he's 2 and does not talk.


he's the shy, silent type.  so precious.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ohrt family.

the 2nd shoot on saturday
was for the ohrt family.
one of the daughters is friends with my sister-in-law,
so it was nice seeing a familiar face at this one.

this shoot was really fun.
let me just start off with this photo.

any shoot that involves kids jumping out of swings screams "fun shoot". :)
lots of play time for the kids AND the adults. :)

thank you to the whole family for having me out!
 (linda, you should have some mail very soon! :))

Monday, November 22, 2010

so much for hiding(from the weather, that is).

so you know how i said i was going to wait til
it was warmer out to do photos??

well, apparently people didn't like that idea!

i did 3 shoots over the weekend,
all had been scheduled at the end of the week.

AND they were all friends of mine.
some really good ones, at that.

the jones family:
location- college hill park

i went to high school with steven jones.
rarely did anyone call him by his first name,
instead we all called him 'jonesy'.

in fact, my husband met him before
we were married and that's about all he knows
steven by, too.

so, it was very difficult to not call him 'jonesy' at
the shoot!

this was the first time i'd met his wife,
natasha(though i'd heard about her while they were dating
and knew when jonesy was going to propose to her),
so it was exciting to finally meet her..
and their little ones.

unfortunately for all of them,
it was a cold meeting.
and windy.

thank goodness for warm props. :)

wilson-brown family:
location: riverside perk

i never call them the 'wilson-brown family'.
in fact, if i'm being honest,
i rarely remember what tari's last name is,
even though she's been married for like 2 years now. 

if you've visited 'the whyte house' blog,
you've seen her family before.
to those who haven't,
this is my best friend.
she's the best because she is tall
and can reach everything for me. :)
(haha, tari!)

this is my old partner in crime.
we use to work together,
run the building together,
play handball in the hall when our boss was gone.
(we made up a game with a bouncy ball :))
i even had her son in my pre-k class.

awesome times.

she and i are both fans and clients
of jackie cooper,
so i about fell out of my chair when she
mentioned me taking her photos.
(jackie's schedule was full, of course. :))

getting paid to hang out with your best friend is
 a nice way to spend an hour. :)

oh, and it was really warm that day, too.
we did a little walking around 'the perk' in riverside.

robles family:
location- oak park area

last but not least is my old roommate.
um, just the girl is.
well, the boy was there enough that he
could have been our roommate,
but we had a "no boys allowed" rule. :)

i was roommates with lisa when she first met
her husband, andy.
i pressured her into dating him.

we were roommates til she got married,
5 months before i did.

there were a lot of shenanigans at our apartment.

mostly due to andy being there. :)
seven years of marriage later,
andy and lisa are a family of 4.

this last photo makes me laugh...
lisa has always had long bangs, grown out with her hair. 
now she's sportin' short ones...she looks like a mom now. 

 haha, lee.
you're gettin' old! :)

thank you to all 3 families for spending some time with me!

cd's will be arriving soon to all of you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

ict photographers unite.

i received an e-mail a couple of weeks
ago from jackie cooper letting me
know about a photographer get-together
she was putting together.

beginner and professional photographers
from the area came out,
as well as some families/models for us
all to take photos of.

i didn't get every photographers name(seeing as how i 15 minutes late--ugh), but i will edit in more name as i find them all out!

photographers were:

*jenna unruh--i've followed her blog for a while,
so i was kinda taken back when she introduced herself
to me!
*leah jung--we ran into her when jackie was
taking our family photos last month.
*jaclyn cage

another photographer was casey cooper,
husband to jackie.

i mention him because the man came home
early from a hunting trip to join us.
way cool.

i've been asking jackie when he was going to
jump on the bandwagon and make her change
her photo name to
"jackie AND casey cooper photo".

glad to see he's making his way there.

oh, AND i found out that we were both
PK's (preacher's kids)!

can't wait to see your work, casey!

since i follow/stalk ashley campbell's blog,
i've seen what a 'snap shops' weekend
looks like(kinda what jackie put on,
but for beginners).
however, most people don't so here ya go--
this is what we all looked like to
an innocent bystander walking by...

(the next 2 were shot by jackie...figured i'd add them since i'm never in photos. :))

one thing that i found extremely helpful from the time out
in delano was how quickly i was COLD.   don't get me wrong, i'm not a wimp in the cold.  i'd much rather have cold weather than hot.  but when i'm cold, i shake.  bad.

shaking and photos don't mix.

when i loaded my photos, 70% had visible camera shake in them.
man, i was mad.
lesson learned.

i think i'll be taking a break from shooting outside til it's a tad warmer!!!

here are a few of the shots i did get, minus camera shake. :)

check out jackie's blog post covering the event and view all of my shots, plus the other photographers shots as they post them on flickr.

Monday, November 8, 2010

ashley: senior 2011

meet ashley.

i've known ashley since she was about 6. 
when her mom asked if i would do her SENIOR photos i said, "sure!  it's a little early, though.  she has 4 more years til she's a senior."  apparently not. :)

for as long as i've known her, she has been quiet and shy.  i use to wave at her when she was in grade school or say "hi" after church and she was either already hiding behind her mom or heading towards her after my 'hello'. :)

so for me, seeing shy ashley open up during our shoot was so much fun.

did i mention it was windy??
that's 'cause it wasn't.

it was suuuper windy.

thanks to ashley(and her mom and niece) for coming out on the windiest day of the year. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

hootin' good time.

ken lockwood from eagle valley raptor center in
 cheney, ks came out to visit the pre-k'ers yesterday.

the EVRC brings in birds in need of rehabilitating. 
some have been injured, while others were raised by humans and aren't able to live in the wild.

ken brought out a video to show the kids,
as well as some owl friends.

 avatar, the spectacled owl(originates from south america,  but last lived at the tulsa zoo) and templeton, the hoot owl.

templeton brought his own lunch...
a white mouse.  :)

 i think this one above is named hannah montana, the screech owl and then miley cyrus is the barn owl. the barn owl was my favorite.  

a big rule for the owl show-n-tell was for the kids to remain quiet, even if the owls tried to fly off. 

  they all wanted to pet the owl.

 some parents had some photo ops for their kids...

they all were able to pet feathers afterwards.