Monday, November 22, 2010

so much for hiding(from the weather, that is).

so you know how i said i was going to wait til
it was warmer out to do photos??

well, apparently people didn't like that idea!

i did 3 shoots over the weekend,
all had been scheduled at the end of the week.

AND they were all friends of mine.
some really good ones, at that.

the jones family:
location- college hill park

i went to high school with steven jones.
rarely did anyone call him by his first name,
instead we all called him 'jonesy'.

in fact, my husband met him before
we were married and that's about all he knows
steven by, too.

so, it was very difficult to not call him 'jonesy' at
the shoot!

this was the first time i'd met his wife,
natasha(though i'd heard about her while they were dating
and knew when jonesy was going to propose to her),
so it was exciting to finally meet her..
and their little ones.

unfortunately for all of them,
it was a cold meeting.
and windy.

thank goodness for warm props. :)

wilson-brown family:
location: riverside perk

i never call them the 'wilson-brown family'.
in fact, if i'm being honest,
i rarely remember what tari's last name is,
even though she's been married for like 2 years now. 

if you've visited 'the whyte house' blog,
you've seen her family before.
to those who haven't,
this is my best friend.
she's the best because she is tall
and can reach everything for me. :)
(haha, tari!)

this is my old partner in crime.
we use to work together,
run the building together,
play handball in the hall when our boss was gone.
(we made up a game with a bouncy ball :))
i even had her son in my pre-k class.

awesome times.

she and i are both fans and clients
of jackie cooper,
so i about fell out of my chair when she
mentioned me taking her photos.
(jackie's schedule was full, of course. :))

getting paid to hang out with your best friend is
 a nice way to spend an hour. :)

oh, and it was really warm that day, too.
we did a little walking around 'the perk' in riverside.

robles family:
location- oak park area

last but not least is my old roommate.
um, just the girl is.
well, the boy was there enough that he
could have been our roommate,
but we had a "no boys allowed" rule. :)

i was roommates with lisa when she first met
her husband, andy.
i pressured her into dating him.

we were roommates til she got married,
5 months before i did.

there were a lot of shenanigans at our apartment.

mostly due to andy being there. :)
seven years of marriage later,
andy and lisa are a family of 4.

this last photo makes me laugh...
lisa has always had long bangs, grown out with her hair. 
now she's sportin' short ones...she looks like a mom now. 

 haha, lee.
you're gettin' old! :)

thank you to all 3 families for spending some time with me!

cd's will be arriving soon to all of you!

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