Monday, November 15, 2010

ict photographers unite.

i received an e-mail a couple of weeks
ago from jackie cooper letting me
know about a photographer get-together
she was putting together.

beginner and professional photographers
from the area came out,
as well as some families/models for us
all to take photos of.

i didn't get every photographers name(seeing as how i 15 minutes late--ugh), but i will edit in more name as i find them all out!

photographers were:

*jenna unruh--i've followed her blog for a while,
so i was kinda taken back when she introduced herself
to me!
*leah jung--we ran into her when jackie was
taking our family photos last month.
*jaclyn cage

another photographer was casey cooper,
husband to jackie.

i mention him because the man came home
early from a hunting trip to join us.
way cool.

i've been asking jackie when he was going to
jump on the bandwagon and make her change
her photo name to
"jackie AND casey cooper photo".

glad to see he's making his way there.

oh, AND i found out that we were both
PK's (preacher's kids)!

can't wait to see your work, casey!

since i follow/stalk ashley campbell's blog,
i've seen what a 'snap shops' weekend
looks like(kinda what jackie put on,
but for beginners).
however, most people don't so here ya go--
this is what we all looked like to
an innocent bystander walking by...

(the next 2 were shot by jackie...figured i'd add them since i'm never in photos. :))

one thing that i found extremely helpful from the time out
in delano was how quickly i was COLD.   don't get me wrong, i'm not a wimp in the cold.  i'd much rather have cold weather than hot.  but when i'm cold, i shake.  bad.

shaking and photos don't mix.

when i loaded my photos, 70% had visible camera shake in them.
man, i was mad.
lesson learned.

i think i'll be taking a break from shooting outside til it's a tad warmer!!!

here are a few of the shots i did get, minus camera shake. :)

check out jackie's blog post covering the event and view all of my shots, plus the other photographers shots as they post them on flickr.


Dina said...

Way fun Susie! Leah was one of my students at Wilbur MS. She played clarinet.... Boy do I feel OLD!!!!

the whyte house said...

oh, my goodness! you know everyone! i think i may just start asking people if they know you when i meet them. :)

Leah K. Jung said...

Man!! It's a SMALL world!!! I loved getting to meet you again Susie! Hopefully we can all get together as a group again! :)