Sunday, January 2, 2011


so here it is.
my formal "i'm taking a break" post.

i'm going to be on pause for...
a while.

when i started taking photos,
i did so working around my husband's
work schedule.

he was off friday's.
he worked one weekend a month.
i had the routine down.

2011 has decided that the routine is boring.
it needs to spice things up.

okay, okay...

actually, this is why i'm on a break.

it would seem that the mister doesn't like his already
busy work schedule and wants to add more to it.

well, fine.

we'll let him.

for me, however, that means i need to put
things on hold for a bit.
due to a schedule that moves back and forth,
i'm not as free as i'd like to be.

i'm sure there'll be an ocassional miracle
and i'll get out of the house
to do a photo or two,
but i'm not in the position to promise anything this year.
i am intent on making an out-of-town trip
for a certain senior girl,
but that's as far as the plans go.

in the meantime,
i'll be at home catching this.

after 'while, crocodile.