Friday, July 22, 2011

antonio: 2 year celebration.

my friend krista is a big fan of disney.
mickey mouse is very present in she and her son's life.
they take trips to disney quite often...
it's more of a second home to them.
i'm sure when i go someday i will have her
put our trip together for me. :)

being the big fans of mickey that they are,
it was not surprising to me to walk in and see this balloon.

krista's son, antonio, turned 2 and asked if i could come
over again and shoot the party for her.
it was fun to see a framed photo that i took of
his 1st birthday party on the wall.

like i said.
they're all about mickey. :)
antonio's shoes were too cute not to shoot.

krista went through a terrible divorce last fall.
now i don't go around telling people personal facts about
my clients, but i mention it to share this photo.

this photo of krista speaks volumes to me.
she put this party together by herself,
including the inflatable.
heck, she took an almost 2 year old to disney
by herself.
this year of "firsts" has been hard,
but she's powered through it and i'm so proud of her.

you're amazing, krista.

thanks for letting me be a part of the festivities, krista!
[and happy 2nd birthday again, antonio!]