Sunday, December 18, 2011

little faces.

merry christmas.

[kidslink christmas program & christmas party 2011]

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

yearly favorites.

i found this idea on pinterest and thought i'd
try it on the kid's b-day photos.
i did last year's for them, too, only i put
'loves' instead of 'favorites'.
i think i may change the word every other year.

i printed a dozen from picture perfect, a local shop.
i like it because i get nice, professional photos, 
without the shipping. 

these are being sent out with thank you
notes from her party, too.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


we have a birthday girl in our house today.


birthday pumpkin pancakes for dinner. :)

happy birthday, 'mimi'.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


thanks to famie west, we got some great shots
at justin's frocking ceremony.

he was one of 4 that advanced to the next rank.
congrats, babe!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a mini whyte house.

i have been wanting to get emily a doll house for as
long as i can remember.
i'd look at small houses for her age and think about
purchasing them,
then decide to hold off and get something she
could grow into.

i don't know if you've seen how much houses cost,
but those mini houses are anywhere from $100-$200.
we are on an extremely tight budget,
so that's just not an option.

i mean, i could buy new curtains for my whole house with
that money.
and i need new curtains, people.

so after staring at one of my favorite antiques for
months, contemplating what i could do
with it, i decided to turn it into a mini whyte house.

 [the before's.  this is a 1928 radio...still works, but with some super scary ratted wiring.
i just took out the heavy contraptions in the back (i kept it all, mom) and went to work sanding and painting it.  did i mention my palm sander broke before this??  sanded by hand.  ugh.  i removed the partition board, which was a task and a half and filled the cut in from it w wood filler.  i also took off the screen for the speaker. ]

do you see all of the grooves on this thing??  i dreaded painting this so much.  i used KILZ oil based spray paint primer to get in all of the crazy little holes.

last night i was up til 1am hanging up photos and finishing wall paper to the upstairs room.  i was on the phone w my mom through part of it and she said, "when you get to heaven, don't mention what you did to the radio to your dad".  haha.  my dad was a picker before picking was cool. back then, it was just known as 'hoarding'.  ha.  he kept everything...and while i wanted to keep this radio from him(it has my teeth marks on the front from when i was a toddler), i didn't want to have it in my house if it didn't have a purpose.  now it has a purpose. 

[excuse my mobile upload...i took more photos on my blackberry during the process to post straight to fb]

during the makeover.

i'm a big fan of the cartoon & books, 'charlie & lola'.  i'll admit, the accents pull me in straight away, but i love the illustrations. 
i knew right away that i wanted to craft something with the same bright colors and with lots of different patterns mixed in.

photo frames were made from a starbucks coffee sleeve and two match boxes. 
i don't sew, so all the fabrics put together for this house were hand stitched.  i made sleeping beauty a new blanket out of an old dress of emily's.

my awesome niece, famie, talked me through photoshop and showed me how to make a collage of mini photos. 
i will forever be thankful for that tutorial!!
the family photo frame is made from a party favor lid.
i'm not completely done with the bench. it will have a pillow on top, as well.

the reason i used emily's dress for this blanket was that the fabric that lined the dress inside had shrunk and was much shorter than the ruffled front.  i cut apart the inside, cut off some of the ruffled front and stitched it to one piece of the inside material, then turned them to the back side and stitched the 3 pieces together.  i seriously can't work a machine to save my life and hand stitching is kind of therapeutic, so i didn't mind.

[documenting aurora's hair length in case there's a recap of the hair cutting incident of 2010]

i picked out some of my favorite photos and glued them all onto their frames, hot glued the frames on the wall.  i really wanted to velcro them on so that i could change them out, but the velcro made them stick off the wall too far.

the kitchen has a 'yum' sign(i didn't have the letters to do 'free food' like i wanted to), a cork board with more photos(the black & white shot is on the kid's bedroom wall) and has a twig for a curtain rod. :)  the food/containers on the counter are all from scrapbook paper.  i just cut the little things out and glued them on.  i'm thankful to be an excellent paper cutter. :)  i painted on the farm sink and there will be a dishwasher painted on the opposite bottom section.  i don't care if the house is fake, everyone needs a dishwasher. :)

the living room has a fireplace, stockings, framed photo
and a christmas tree.  a very glittery one, at that.

i haven't done any papering to the floor yet(that's a loose sheet), but it'll be done, too.

i cut the stockings out from em's old tights.  they were her favorite and she was so sad she couldn't wear them again this year.  i cut these from the top and made socks out of the remainder of the tights.  she wears them all of the time now. :)

i also painted a gold mini frame pink, put some fireplace paper in it for a mat and placed em's 5 year photo with all of her 5 year old 'LOVES'.  it's one of my favorite photos from our photo shoot last december.  she'll be having a 6 year old shoot in 11 days!  agh!!

i'm extremely cheap and always use what i already have lying around the house.

what i spent:
$10 on 2 cans of KILZ oil based primer
$7 on latex white paint
scrapbook paper from hobby lobby & michaels--
maybe $5.  maybe.
mod podge--i ran out midway--$4
tree $2--wal-mart
the photos i put on a 10x10 collage on photoshop and made
them mini sized. the 10x10 sheet at picture perfect (new market square) was $4.
i already had all of the fabric scraps, acrylic paint
used, brushes for it, and most of the "frames".

i bought the pink one(gold) frame was .99 cents.

starbucks sleeve was free--i got free hot chocolate
for taking my brother-in-laws photos last week. :)
oh, and my BIL gave me free labor--
he cut the bottom shelf for me(while on vacation)
before our photo session.

sleeping beauty was more expensive than everything for the house...
she came w a book, fairies and bed for $34 at target.
it was the only thing em asked for for christmas..
and i couldn't find a bed i liked.
it was perfect. :)

i won't lie and say this hasn't been time consuming, but it's been the best time consuming project to date.  for the first time i'm glad that her dad will be gone[with the blasted navy]for means we get to have christmas a week early and i don't have to wait 25 more days to show it to her!!! ;)


the girl received some more furniture for her house, so we had to take more photos. :)
the boy's new star wars toys came to visit the new home, too.

Friday, November 25, 2011

turkey day & holiday lights.

just like that thanksgiving is done and christmas
season is here!
we skipped shopping, but there were plenty
family shenanigans.

[watching the older boys play in the front yard]

i am a huge fan of christmas light photos.
bokeh, especially.
now that i've accomplished this one,
i'm pretty sure i'll be doing these all the time now. :)

 [more bokeh shots found here]

i also love ttv shots. 
this is a sad example, but close.
since i only have a 50mm right now, it's a tad difficult to pull it off.  instead, i just turned off the lights around me, held my old argus 75 at arms length and shot through it's lens with my canon xti. 
close enough. :)

can't wait to shoot some more holiday photos! 
now i just need snow....

[real ttv examples here]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

turkey week.

the kids are officially on holiday break
and the 'other whyte house' is in town to visit.

we headed to swanson park today for their
annual thanksgiving week photos. :)

happy turkey week, everyone.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


BIG congrats to my husband on his Navy

Pinning ceremony coming soon!


Monday, November 7, 2011

halloween photo contest.

****thanks to everyone who voted!  we appreciated it.  the kid's photo won the contest!!
they'll be doing their mini session while their dad is on deployment, so he'll have some fun photos of the kids to receive while he's away!!  :) ****

the whyte kids are in a photo contest on sarah shah portraits page on facebook.  click on the link, 'like' sarah's page, and vote for your favorite shot.

Friday, October 28, 2011

brother & sister.

in a galaxy,
far, far away...

they are always brother & sister.
even when it comes to halloween costumes.

 [note vader's head on the log. :)]

  [she was really enjoying "booming" that gun]

happy halloween.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

fall picnic by the train tracks: ross kids

i think i've found my photo stage master.

dina's husband had asked me during mother's day
to do photos of the kids.
however, when the 100 degrees started in may,
i said, "no photos til fall". 

i'm glad we waited.

dina grew up in garden plain and had a favorite
childhood spot all picked out for this shoot.

old train tracks that are never used make the perfect spot for photos. :)

dina had it in her head that it would be okay for me to bring my kids along.  i'm sure by the first 3 minutes, she realized that was a bad idea.  it was nice to have my child helping porter down the rocky hill, though. :) that was pretty much the only help i received from them, though.  at one point, aiden was running in front of me as i was snapping.  ugh.
my husband owes me big for not making him take aiden with him for military trainings. ; )

dina set up a picnic next to the tracks.  in order to get her kids to cooperate, she may or may not have had them skip lunch that day....

this was the ONLY time my kids sat still. 

though she didn't want "family" photos, we had to do one with dina and the kids.

and i had to include an awesome blooper shot.

just like that, everyone was in play mode.
so that's just what we did.

do you see the colorful arrangement in the background??  dina had all of that prepared for this shoot.  this is why we're friends. :) we decided at the last minute to swing by my house and grab my chairs, too.  glad we did.  love all of the colors!

thanks, ross kids for the fun!