Friday, November 25, 2011

turkey day & holiday lights.

just like that thanksgiving is done and christmas
season is here!
we skipped shopping, but there were plenty
family shenanigans.

[watching the older boys play in the front yard]

i am a huge fan of christmas light photos.
bokeh, especially.
now that i've accomplished this one,
i'm pretty sure i'll be doing these all the time now. :)

 [more bokeh shots found here]

i also love ttv shots. 
this is a sad example, but close.
since i only have a 50mm right now, it's a tad difficult to pull it off.  instead, i just turned off the lights around me, held my old argus 75 at arms length and shot through it's lens with my canon xti. 
close enough. :)

can't wait to shoot some more holiday photos! 
now i just need snow....

[real ttv examples here]

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