Saturday, October 15, 2011

fall picnic by the train tracks: ross kids

i think i've found my photo stage master.

dina's husband had asked me during mother's day
to do photos of the kids.
however, when the 100 degrees started in may,
i said, "no photos til fall". 

i'm glad we waited.

dina grew up in garden plain and had a favorite
childhood spot all picked out for this shoot.

old train tracks that are never used make the perfect spot for photos. :)

dina had it in her head that it would be okay for me to bring my kids along.  i'm sure by the first 3 minutes, she realized that was a bad idea.  it was nice to have my child helping porter down the rocky hill, though. :) that was pretty much the only help i received from them, though.  at one point, aiden was running in front of me as i was snapping.  ugh.
my husband owes me big for not making him take aiden with him for military trainings. ; )

dina set up a picnic next to the tracks.  in order to get her kids to cooperate, she may or may not have had them skip lunch that day....

this was the ONLY time my kids sat still. 

though she didn't want "family" photos, we had to do one with dina and the kids.

and i had to include an awesome blooper shot.

just like that, everyone was in play mode.
so that's just what we did.

do you see the colorful arrangement in the background??  dina had all of that prepared for this shoot.  this is why we're friends. :) we decided at the last minute to swing by my house and grab my chairs, too.  glad we did.  love all of the colors!

thanks, ross kids for the fun!

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