Tuesday, October 4, 2011

birthday party: comic book style

this weekend, i had the honor of
photographing a 7 yr old's birthday
not just a random kid, but one that my
kids have become good friends with.
and he happens to be one of my best friend's kids, as well.

about this time last fall,
i was shooting this baby shower at her house.

this party definitely did not fall
short of her last one.

dina is a woman who is not afraid to
include detail work in her parties.

this year's theme:
comic books.

dina's son, tucker, has been sucked
into the world of comics.
his dad, a collector of batman comics,
introduced tucker to his childhood collection,
thus starting tucker's new obsession. :)
so it was no surprise to hear that tuck
wanted a super hero birthday party.

dina made everything by hand.
even the cupcakes.


for the crafts, you need to understand that she is a woman with a printer...and she knows how to use it!

each of her 3 kids has a birthday tablecloth that they put their handprints on every year.

a "T" for tucker, again made by dina.

the party favors included various pieces of candy, some with x-men packaging, of course.
oh, and my son's favorite...
a glow-in-the-dark bracelet,
which he took to school on monday for

dina just recently painted her hutch,
as well.
it looked so great for the party!

the crazy birthday boy.
he always makes the weirdest faces at my camera.

beyond the comic book covers displayed on the window you get a glimpse into dina's craft room where she creates all of her cute hair accessories and jewelry for 'brag bling & bows'.  we have started quite a collection of her stuff at our house. :)

one of tuck's friends donned her halloween costume for the party.  so awesome.

the games were made by dina's dad last year for the school fun night.
seriously amazing.

there were like 25 kids at this party.
it's a good thing dina's backyard is big.

cake time became "break time" for everyone.
it was much needed.

the guy kneeling down is who i bought
my camera from.
i'm very thankful for him.

tuck opened every card, reading each one, and opened every present with careful thought.
needless to say, present time took a long time.

 typically i wouldn't share what i gave someone for their birthday, but since i made it, i can share. :)
my brother grew up reading & drawing comics. being that he was 4 years older than me, i wanted to be included in what he was into.  so i read comics, too.  i was excited to get to make this for tucker.  i did a batman one, too, but this is my favorite.  it took a while to draw it out free hand and then i ended up not using the drawing and just painting it free hand. i don't think i've ever been this stressed about an art project in my life.  i'm pretty proud of it. i may have to steal it back someday.


to miss dina---
holy awesome birthday party, batman!

thanks to the ross family for making me feel like i'd run a marathon that day & the next day...and sugaring up my kids before they came home! :)

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