Monday, November 8, 2010

ashley: senior 2011

meet ashley.

i've known ashley since she was about 6. 
when her mom asked if i would do her SENIOR photos i said, "sure!  it's a little early, though.  she has 4 more years til she's a senior."  apparently not. :)

for as long as i've known her, she has been quiet and shy.  i use to wave at her when she was in grade school or say "hi" after church and she was either already hiding behind her mom or heading towards her after my 'hello'. :)

so for me, seeing shy ashley open up during our shoot was so much fun.

did i mention it was windy??
that's 'cause it wasn't.

it was suuuper windy.

thanks to ashley(and her mom and niece) for coming out on the windiest day of the year. :)

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