Sunday, May 30, 2010


meet leslie.
she's one of my great and wonderful friends.
we met last fall.
i say "met" but we didn't actually meet in person til

she lives a state away.

we actually "met" on etsy.
i bought something from her store.
now she's friends with my friend jen
and both jen and myself are friends with
her buddy, gwen.

jen and i were very excited to get to hang out
with leslie and her family this weekend.

all photo creativeness for these tattoo shots needs to be given to jackie cooper.
she did my friend tari's shots this month in front of the building and leslie loved it.
she asked to take some there, as well. :)
you can find jackie's page here.

did i mention that leslie is a photographer??

she is.

we bounce ideas off each other a lot.
she wanted some head shots for her web page.
you can view her stuff here.

thanks for coming to visit your pals in kansas, leslie!!

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