Monday, July 26, 2010


justin is finally home.

as is his camera. :)

i've been waiting to see his photos since he told
me about them on the phone.
i had him take our old kodak point and shoot camera
to document his trip.
he spent 2 weeks in boats docked north of seattle.
he didn't get to take much,
but the majority are from the 4 hours spent in seattle.
all of his photos were super bright,
so i tried to tone them down a bit when possible.


seattle from the water.

oh, and sonny bono was there, too.

as were a lot of tourists.


the beach.
love the driftwood.

someday, washington.
we will meet.

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Sarah Shah Portraits said...

Pretty, pretty! If you do go up to the NW, cross the boarder and go check out the Victoria (reminds me of England) so pretty are the buildings and houses there. We went up to Tofino. The beach looked just like Justin's photo.