Wednesday, June 8, 2011

christmas photos accomplished.

not many people can say that they have christmas photos for their family done in JUNE. 

i can.

we're finally back from my dream vacation
spot, washington. 
i know...there are gorgeous places like maui.

however, i burn really easily.

burning to a crisp and being in pain is not
my idea of an awesome vacation.

whidbey island, however, has water, beaches AND no burning sun, due to a lot of cloudy days.

i could seriously get use to having a view of water to look at everyday.

while we were on vacay,
we had our family photos taken.

i imagine this fall to be a pretty hectic time
around here with justin's trainings, etc.,
and i wanted to take photos in a beautiful place.
i mean, why spend all of that money on
a spot to vacation and not have seriously awesome photos to remember it by??

that being said, i found mikaela and she
worked her magic. 
you can check out her post on the shoot here.

in the meantime,
here's a little sneak peek.


Sarah said...

I love your hair

the whyte house said...

i laughed when i read that, sarah. i did my hair about 5 times before getting it the way it was...seriously. it was straight. it was's a good thing justin was napping during it all. :)