Tuesday, January 3, 2012

now i know my abc's.

most of my friends know i am NOT a photoshop girl.
i hate photoshop.
however, as one of my goals this year,
i am making myself get to know photoshop.

this is what i did today.
military abc.

i am so proud of myself.

i'm even going to print it and put it up in our office. 

you can download your own HERE


Cynthia Barger, CBD said...

Anyway to get a copy?

Lyrehs said...

it looks great! could I get a copy of it too?

First Timer said...

Love this! Can I also get a copy?

the whyte house said...

Lyrehs & First Timer--
Shoot me an email so I have your addresses to send the file to.

Tamis Marks said...

Love it! Perfect for my boys room. Thanks for sharing!