Saturday, February 25, 2012

where you go.

a little poster i'm working on for my house/shop.

my itunes has been playing a few songs from an
album featuring various christian artists called
 'music inspired by the story'(released in conjunction w a book series 'the story'). 
one of my favorites is sung by nichole nordeman & amy grant entitled "i'm with you(ruth & naomi)".

it's a song about ruth & naomi (a widow & her widowed daughter-in-law) and how they continue to be
each other's family even when they are
no longer tied to each other.

the chorus repeats:
"you & me
me & you
where you go
i'll go, too
i'm with you"

every time i hear it, it makes me think
of my husband and my promise to him,
to love & support him,
regardless of what comes our way.

telling your sailor that you'll follow
them wherever they go is pretty big in terms of

i can't wait to have it up on my wall.

if you want to hear the song,
you can check it out here.

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