Monday, March 28, 2011

ICT photog gathering: march 2011

last night i had the opportunity to be a part of
another photographer get together with my photog
friends jackie, sarah & was able to finally meet a facebook
photog friend, heidi.

we did a little photo walk
with about 15 people(or so)
all armed with cameras,
shooting in the falling snow.

this is my favorite shot from the night.
my new friend suzy(great name, right?)
did a little modeling for us. :)

we did a q&a afterwards, talking about things that we liked to do, didn't like, lenses, experiences, etc.  there were some things that were helpful, but other things geared towards those girls wanting to go big time.  while we were talking, heidi mentioned OpLove.

she said it was for military, but i didn't have a clue what she was talking about at all.

OpLove is short for 'Operation Love ReUnited'.
there is an online list of photographers in the area that military families have to use for when they want to do photos of their loved ones deployment/return.  i checked the list for our area.  within a 50 mile radius, there are only 2 photographers registered.  2.  and i guess that wouldn't be such a blow to me, but we have mcconnell afb so close by... to me 2 is a sad number.

even more so since i know my own husband will be deploying and we're going to be one of those families wanting photos done.

that being said, i want to encourage any photographers out there reading this, no matter where your home is, to register and give back to these families.  you have no idea what these families go through.  heck, i have no idea the bulk of what they go through, but i am slowly finding out first hand.  i know they will appreciate you!


rockstar said...

Awesome! It is so amazing! And yes, sad that there are only TWO! Crazy! I've got to figure out how to really plug in and be a part!

Famie West Photography said...

I really want to do this. I think if I told Jer about it, and didn't do it...well, I think he'd be mad at me, haha!