Wednesday, March 16, 2011

photographing kids.

every year i try to do photos of the kids for their
birthday invites.
aiden's b-day is the first week of may,
invitations take a bit of time to print,
then you add in the mailing time...
and you get photos in march. :)

i really hate march.

nothing has bloomed yet.
trees are dead.
grass is gross.

the only thing we have is water.
unfortunately, it looks gross 365 days of the year.

i decided to take him down to the keeper of the plains bridge
and shoot there.

this is what i got.

i always shoot him with his sunglasses on(well, not always cause i LOVE his pretty eyes, but when it's sunny i do.) today was a terrible photo day for him.  we rushed after dinner to get down to the bridge during sunset.  the kid's face was super dried out and i forgot to re-apply lotion this afternoon, he'd just eaten dinner and had food on his teeth, and had food on his collar.  all that added to the fact that he couldn't find his sunglasses in the truck, killed my photo mood.  we were there a whole 2.5 minutes and i said, "that's it.  let's go home".

of course that was hardly a crowd pleaser.  we'd been talking about going down to "captain hook's bridge" all day.

so to make it up to them, despite how i felt physically, we stopped by sedgwick co. park for a while.

this is the joy a photographer who tries to capture kids has to look forward to.

one likes the camera.  one has adhd.

no matter where you go, there is always something they feel is more important to be looking at.

four eyes never want to look directly at your camera.

oh, and let's not forget the hair.  there's always hair blowing, especially in kansas.

for me, there's always that blasted boy.  he stuck his tongue out at me!  haha.

so i rolled with it. 

"show each other your silly faces."

"emily, show your brother your face."

"okay now, aiden, show your sister your face."

that's my favorite photo of the day.
all of those were shot in a 3 minute time frame.

i don't mess around when it comes to photographing my kids.
especially at the park, since all they wanna do is go play!

photographer lesson of the day:

acting ridiculous is the only thing that ever saves
photo shoots. 

remember that.

it may just save your sanity.

the swing photos aren't really crisp and clear(at least not on super zoom in lightroom), but i loved them too much not to include them.  looking at them is actually making me feel peaceful.
well, that and the fact that i have 'sleeping at last' playing in my ears.  they really calm my nerves. :)

know what else calms my nerves??  sleeping kids. 


thank you dear playground for wearing them out. :)

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