Friday, March 25, 2011

shoots & spring cleaning.

i'm looking into opening some time up for photos
saturday, april 9th. 
i have a family member that wanted senior photos at 5pm, which i am planning on renting a lens for, so i want to get as much use out of the lens rental as i can! :) i should have a post up by april 1st pertaining to that weekend, so keep your eyes open for times.

 i've been bitten with the spring cleaning bug.  i will admit that i absolutely love to clean the house and remove unused items.  my sister always says that i like to give everything away.  not true.  i just don't like things to sit and collect dust.  so here are my latest items to add to my 'for sale' list.

my sigma 50-200mm 4-5.6 lens(CANON mount).

i purchased it from adorama last spring.  i thought i'd use it a ton. 

apparently i was wrong.  my 50mm stays on my camera 24-7, so i think it's time to say farewell.  i got it for $180 and i'm selling it for $90...with it goes my kit lens(canon 18-55mm w/out image stabilization).  i will send the two to a new home for $90.  i just want someone who could really use them.  i hate for them to be here when someone may be needing them, but not able to afford them at full price.

out go the lenses, so out goes the heavy duty bag.

this is a tamrac velocity 9 bag.  it has some serious lens room in it.  and padding.  a lot of padding.  i've enjoyed it.  it's protected my equipment from kids, rain,'s been great.

this bag was going for $90-$100 on ebay last year.  i got it brand new for $65.  it was my awesome purchase of the year.
since i've had it for about a year, i'm selling it for $45.  it's in almost new condition.
in the main carrying area i've held the kit lens, my 50mm, the telephoto and a 24-70mm, along w the body, all at the same time.
it has a sling strap that goes across your body, too.  there are bags on ebay right now, the new ones have photos of the insides.  i wanted to link it, but i was afraid that once i did, the bag that i linked it to would be sold on ebay.

if these are still at my house come april 2nd, they will be going into my garage sale.  you can email me if you're interested in making an offer.  jeaswhyte(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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