Sunday, April 17, 2011

family: the west's.

when another photographer asks you to take their photos,
it's kinda nerve-wracking.
that's exactly how this shoot was.

but scary.

this is my niece famie. 

yes, i said niece.
she's two years younger than me.
her dad is my brother---and he's a lot of years older than me. :)

she started her photo business about a year before i did.
we shoot differently, so it's always neat to see her work.

this last year has been a very trying year for this family. 

famie's health issues have been a huge trial for all of them and being able to document the four of them, with them happily interacting with each other, kinda hit my emotions. 

okay, not kinda.  i was a wreck while i was editing.

leave me alone. :)

i adore this photo of famie and jeromy.  i'll be printing it for myself soon. :)

if you have a 2 and 4 year old, you know exactly how
challenging it is to have everyone looking AT the camera.

thankfully, i like to do more documenting than i do posing.

i hate posing.
with a passion.
i am no good at it.

my great niece and great nephew are the funniest little people ever.

hands down.

thanks to my great niece and great nephew for making me work for my paycheck! :)

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