Sunday, April 17, 2011

senior session: kayla

i realized i needed to post more shots from last weekend's shoots.

so here goes.

senior: kayla

kayla's mom is engaged to my brother-in-law.
kayla is great fun to be around and laugh with.
she and i chat on facebook and text each other.
such a funny girl.

she's actually a junior, but is cramming her junior AND senior year together to graduate early.

crazy girl.

for her shoot, we hit delano.  the crazy kansas wind
accompanied us, as well.

as did her best friend.
her friend told me she hated photos.

what the what??

serious oddball.  she is such a photogenic girl!!

i learned during that session that if a 30 year old says "bust it out" in front of teens, it makes the teenagers laugh.  apparently i'm too old to say that now.  ugh. :)

thanks for hanging out with me girls!

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