Saturday, April 30, 2011

LOVE Wichita.

 today i had the opportunity to accompany my husband to work.  as a community policing officer, he has attended LOVE Wichita projects for the past 3 years.  i asked him if i could come out and take photos this year.  we visited his 5 project houses throughout the morning.  projects were completed by Eastminster(3 of the 5 houses), Maranatha and Westlink, where we attend.  there was a lot of painting, yard work, rebuilding and even some critters at the houses.

early morning before shots.

this homeowner had siding replaced, yard work done and a new fence put up by the westlink crew.  her pup needed to come out and inspect the progress(that and he didn't like the banging!).

an eastminster group found this guy when they moved out an old couch. :)

when their first garage door plan fell through,
they made a new plan.

maranatha replaced rotted boards, did lots of painting...
on some super high ladders, too.

one of our very close friends had his house worked on today, too.
he's been battling his kidneys this year, as they've
decided to fail his body and even had pneumonia today.
the young married group from eastminster rebuilt two porches for him, painted, did yard work, all to keep from future oci write ups. 
on behalf of justin and myself, we thank you guys for all of your efforts today!!

the house project with westlink brought out two other police officers, both friends of justin's.
i thought it was hilarious that they stand the same way
whether they're in uniform or not. :)

you can find more photos from the day
on whyte house photography's facebook page.

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